In Kawakami Village, Nara Prefecture. I woke up in my futon, in the middle of a weeknight. From the depth of the darkness, I heard the sound of something scraping a tatami mat. When I threw my blanket and turned on the lights, the Japanese badger (anaguma) hurried and ran away to the next room.

Since that night, I've felt a need to write something about life in this village. Here we are today.

Our logo is an illustration by COCORO OGAWA.


2016年9月 - 奈良県川上村で翻訳・通訳事務所の「Oide」として活動開始

                    Opened "Oide" as a translation and interpreting office in Kawakami Village.

2016年10月 - 第1号オイデ新聞の発行

                     Released first issue of Oide Shinbun.

2017年6月 - オイデ文庫の開始、「上流の日々 Issue #1」の出版

                     Started Oide Library, published Upstream Days Issue #1.

2018年6月 - 「Oide」と「オイデ文庫」を「anaguma 文庫」に変更

                     Changed "Oide" and "Oide Library" to "anaguma bunko"